Free Clinic Association
of Pennsylvania (FCAP)

Our vision is that all Pennsylvanians have access to compassionate, quality healthcare.
Serving Free Clinics in Pennsylvania

The Free Clinic Association of Pennsylvania (FCAP) is the only membership organization for Free Clinics in Pennsylvania. 

FCAP, a member of the National Free Clinic Association, serves to connect people without access to healthcare to a clinic offering free or low-cost healthcare. 

FCAP provides assistance to individuals and groups seeking to start a free clinic and provides education and technical assistance to existing free clinics.

FCAP  also collaborates with other organizations with similar missions.

The mission of the Free Clinic Association of Pennsylvania is to support, strengthen and advocate for member clinics as they deliver quality, accessible healthcare to Pennsylvania’s low-income uninsured and under-insured residents.

Membership is open to any clinic that meets the definition of a free clinic as described in our by-laws and outlined on our FCAP Membership page. Non-voting membership is also available to Interested Individuals, Groups, and Corporations who support our mission.