Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (PAPs)

There are a variety of Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (sometimes referred to as Patient Assistance Programs) available which are operated/underwritten by pharmaceutical companies. These programs can make many medicines available for free. There are also PAP programs that provide medicines at a reduced cost.

The Virginia Health Care Foundation (VHCF) hosts The Pharmacy Connection (TPC), a web-based software which compares prices of the most popular generic drugs available. There is a membership fee involved with accessing TPC.

Other options if you are unable to find your medication through one of the PAP programs is to contact the manufacturer of the medication as they may have indigent care programs for which your patient could apply and receive the medication at no cost. GoodRx is a website that can help you find the location of the lowest price for a medicine in your area. You may also be able to negotiate a better rate with a local community pharmacy or negotiate an arrangement with your local hospital pharmacy as health systems often obtain deep discounts due to the volume of medicines they order.

There are also software programs available to help clinics manage their PAP applications. NeedyMeds offers a grant program designed for free-standing, not-for-profit organizations that help individuals apply for free medicines through PAPs. The grants of up to $2,000 each will cover the cost of NeedyMeds PAPTracker software.

The following PAP programs can be accessed at the links below. Note, some may charge a nominal fee for the medications or have a membership fee. This is not a complete list of available PAP programs.

Americares –
SCBN Presciption Advocacy – 1-888-331-1002-
RX Outreach – 1-800-769-3880 –
XUBEX Pharmacy Services – 1-866-699-8239 –
RX Assist Patient Assistance Program Center –
Needy Meds –
Partnership for Prescription Assistance –
Direct Relief –
Dispensary of Hope –